to 10.12.4 how install Screen Marker v.1.1

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Screen Marker, 2150 KB, Illustration, Lomation, Multimedia Design

1.1 Screen Marker

Screen Marker allows you to write and draw directly on your desktop and above all of your opened applications. You can use it to highlight areas you want people to notice before taking a screenshot, draw on your screen in classroom settings or just doodle away during those "important" meetings.
Screen Marker was designed to be simple to use but robust enough for your average doodling needs.

Updated version 43NhU-v-1.4-Screen-Marker.tar.gz [2150 kb]

Featured! version fe9X_Screen_Marker_v_2.1.app [2042 kb]

Updated version skCNAd_Screen_Marker_ver._1.2.pkg [2214 kb]


Featured Mojave M66B_NOTEA_V_4.0.APP (6537 KB) 2.4

Version High Sierra Namariel.Legends:.Iron.Lord.1.2.wrT.tar.gz (1868562 KB) 2.0

Version MacOS V.3.5_FORM_PILOT_Q92HUN.ZIP (18955 KB) 3.3

Best 10.11.5 WEATHER_INDICATOR_VER._3.2.1_LAK.DMG (6241 KB) 1.2.2

Version El Captan I2v.Audiobook.Builder.vers.2.3.2.pkg (21975 KB) 2.0.6

Featured! version Nancy_Drew_-_The_Captive_Curse_ver._1.0.2_hqsC.zip (2110783 KB) 1.3.1

| 2451 kbytes | Software SMPZ Screen Marker 3.1 1.2 Recomended Sierra

| 2537 kbytes | VERS.1.5 SCREEN MARKER KGR 3.1 Featured! version

| 1892 kbytes | Update 3.1 Screen Marker m5X 1.5 to Sierra

| 1956 kbytes | Get oVUOXg vers.2.1 Screen Marker 1.4 Version Sierra

| 2494 kbytes | Update 4ea ver. 1.4 Screen Marker 2.1 on High Sierra

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