Get started with 3D graphics for art, animation, and printing. where download 2019 version

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▷ vers 14.1.2 Shade 3D Basic

Shade Basic is a suite of tools for curved-surface and polygon 3D modeling, animation, and rendering - with new tools for diagnosing and fixing models for 3D printing! All versions of Shade 3D include beautiful Radiosity rendering, PoserFUSION import of animated Poser scenes, and support for building animated game content. Shade 3D is available in Basic ($99), Standard ($249), and Professional ($499) editions.
Shade 3D Basic includes 2 GB of tutorials, materials and scene data to help you get started in 3D.
Note: Users must obtain a trial license to evaluate for 30 days. See here for details.

Version for 10.13.4 tgIk-Shade-3D-Basic-vers.14.1.6.app {213467 KB}

Sierra fydu5_shade_3d_basic_14.2.2.tar.gz {278004 KB}

Sierra jbaGD-Shade-3D-Basic-14.4.2.pkg {297861 KB}

Mirye Software

Featured! version HAUNTED_MANOR:_LORD_OF_MIRRORS_COLLECTOR'S_EDITION_VERS_1.1_V2FE.ZIP | 297472 kbytes | 3.0

Best to Mac DCW-IDEAL-SOLITAIRE-VER-1.1.1.PKG | 4323 kbytes | 1.1.2

for 10.11.6 VERS.3.07.QUICKSAND.TSJ.ZIP | 1208 kbytes | 1.9

Updated MacOS APPLICATION_ENHANCER_VER_3.6.1_HH0P.ZIP | 3713 kbytes | 2.7.1

[268075 kb] Software XZVJK Shade 3D Basic vers 14.4.2 15.1.2 Best Mac mini

[208503 kb] Download Shade 3D Basic 14.1.6 pOv 14.1.3 El Captan

[282968 kb] Free NIM VERS.14.4.2 SHADE 3D BASIC 14.1.6 New Sierra

[273039 kb] Software 3RVYE V.14.2.2 SHADE 3D BASIC 14.4.2 Version to 10.13
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