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CRAX Commander is dual-pane file manager with approachable user interface. It is integrated with Subversion 1.6 and it has built-in FTP, SSH client functionality. CRAX provides many of functionalities you need to quickly and effectively access and manage your local and remote files. With CRAX file management is much faster and easier than it has been before.

- Dual-pane and multi-tabbed UI
- Full UI customization (Fonts, Colors, Behaviour, Actions, Toolbar)
- Keyboard shortcuts customization
- Definition of custom tools as menu items and toolbar items
- Sidebar panel
- Drag-and-drop operations
- Copying and moving files/folders in background (non blocking GUI file operations)
- Built-in clients for connection to remote volumes using SSH, SFTP, FTP/FTPS, SMB, AFP protocols
- Built-in text file editor with syntax coloring
- Splitting and combining files
- Calculation and verification checksums
- Archive support: ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, AR/IPK, RPM, ISO (browsing, selectively unpack, delete, browsing archives in archives etc.)
- Advanced searching for files
- Multi-rename tool
- Merging folders feature for files operations
- Support for Subversion 1.6 and Subversion 1.7
- Keychain passwords saving and restoring
- QuickLook support

High Sierra 1.11.9-CRAX-Commander-7JQavQ.pkg {41065 kb}

on iMac Pro vers-1.13.6-CRAX-Commander-cmflU2.pkg {27607 kb}

10.11.5 version_1.11.3_CRAX_Commander_54bO.dmg {38995 kb}

Official site: http://crax.soft4u2.com/

Sierra GI20Editor.ver..2.2.x1LT.pkg {5013 kb} 3.1

to MacBook Air VERS.1.0.9_SCAXION_BMT.TAR.GZ {239 kb} 1.3.6

Updated MacBook Air PASSWORD_MANAGER_PRO_V.1.2.1_KU5IB.PKG {2916 kb} 3.0.1

ZH9QIJ CRAX COMMANDER V 1.10.13 1.11.2 New to OS X

version 1.11.7 CRAX Commander pYHv 3.11.6 for 10.12

Update CRAX COMMANDER 1.10.13 YGFR0 1.11.5 Best! version

Get Fli CRAX Commander ver. 1.11.1 1.10.16 New for iMac

vers 1.11.8 CRAX Commander pLDuP 1.11.7 New! version

nlxN CRAX Commander 1.11.9 1.14.6 Best OS X
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