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Word Processing
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Quick Word
weiwei zhang

1.5 Quick Word

Quick Word is a fantastic word processor. It meets every essential need of your daily word-processing tasks with its practical functions. Write, edit, and manage your files with Quick Word; enjoy the convenience and pleasure. Concise but not complicated, excellent but not expensive. Take it easy and speed it up!

- Create New, Special New (Plain Text, Rich/Plain Text from Pasteboard, With Current Selection) document as you need.
- Insert the pictures from your computer, the current date and signature line into your file easily and conveniently.
- Quick Word supports reading and editing various mainstream formats as following, your Quick Word files can also be saved as:
- Word 2007 (.docx)
- Word 97 (.doc)
- Word 2003 xml (.xml)
- OpenDocument (.odt)
- Rich Text with Graphics Document (.rtfd)
- Web Archive (.webarchive)
- Rich Text Format (.rtf)
- Text document (.txt)
- Text (you provide extension)
- Open Document (.odt)

- Enable to export the files to HTML with/without styles, PDF, RTF/DOC with pictures.
- Easy to send the file to email as attachment or upload it to cloud storage service for backup.
- Allow you to make your own template for your document.
- Customize your own toolbar of Quick Word, "Edit" will become much easier!
- Drag your favorite items into the Toolbar and the functions will be realized just by clicking on the specific button such as copy, cut, paste, adjust the fonts and styles, undo, redo and so on.
- "Get info" button helps you to get the statistic information of your document. "File info" tab helps you to backup the documents in every a few minutes.
- "Properties" button allows you to input the detailed copyright information of your file.
- Locate anything precisely in your file with "Find" tab. Replace, Replace/Find, Find the next/pervious, Replace/Select All can be finished in one dialogue box.
- Quick Word allows you to write more effectively. The words can be automatically completely by "Complete" function. You can just select the words listed below the original one.
- View your files in the most comfortable layout by setting up in the View tab.
- Speech function can make your file speak, simply select the contents, right click and choose the "start speaking" under the "speech" tab.
- The markers such as highlight, underline, strikethrough and so on are available in "Font" tab, you're your own style of annotation.

Featured 10.13.4 ver.-1.6-quick-word-lvwvc.tar.gz {5906 kbytes}

OS X ver.-2.5-Quick-Word-4uJ4.tar.gz {4816 kbytes}

Recomended! version CgeoS_version_3.5_Quick_Word.pkg {6307 kbytes}

New iMac v.1.7_quick_word_nyl.pkg {6708 kbytes}

Featured to OS X rroqv.ver.1.8.quick.word.dmg {6135 kbytes}

10.12 GnL.1.9.Quick.Word.zip {6536 kbytes}

weiwei zhang

Recomended Sierra 9B3J_version_1.1M_Build-a-lot_4:_Power_Source.tar.gz [119347 kb] 1.2M

Best to OS X Flickr.Gallery.v.1.3.18hXU.zip [8806 kb] 2.0

Software M8QLH QUICK WORD 2.5 1.6 Featured! version

Update vers.3.5 Quick Word sWBfFL 1.8 Updated High Sierra

Free VzFGgp Quick Word 1.8 3.5 Updated to iMac

Get QUICK WORD 1.7 ZX3U 1.6 Recomended Mac mini
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