stable version 2.2.1.CHV.Morphing.FX.zip where download

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Description: Multimedia Design, Video, CHV Morphing FX, chv-electronics, 2458 KB


CHV Morphing FX is the new way to morph video and images directly with Motion 2, 3 and 4 (and up). Morphing FX takes full advantage of Final Cut Studio's new FxPlug plugin interface making it possible to morph and deform video faster and way more convenient than ever. CHV's FxPlug plugins are also Universal Binaries, which makes them run on both Intel-based and PPC-based Apple Mac computers. Morphing FX contains two plugins: "Morph" and "Deform". Note: The current version of Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 does not fully comply to the new FxPlug infrastructure, which is why the current version of Morphing FX only runs with Motion 2 (and higher). Apple announced that a later version of Final Cut Pro will be fully capable of handling all functions provided by the FxPlug architecture making it also possible to run Morphing FX with Final Cut Pro. Of course a free update of Morphing FX will become available as soon as Final Cut Pro fully complies to the FxPlug specifications.

Mac nUWNSI.CHV.Morphing.FX.vers.2.3.1.zip {2040 kbytes}

iMac lc9cq5.CHV.Morphing.FX.2.2.4.pkg {2802 kbytes}

New on OS X CHV_Morphing_FX_v.2.2.3_PFIi.app {2752 kbytes}

Updated version VERS_2.5.1_CHV_MORPHING_FX_M0JTV.PKG {2900 kbytes}


iMac Moxier.Wallet.ver..1.1.5.ca7x5.tar.gz 1.1.4

Version on 10.14.3 ver.2.4.Ocean.Waves.gt3L.dmg 3.1

10.12.6 vers-1.1.2-CodeCows-Ep6q.dmg 3.0.2

on High Sierra 8CV_version_5.0_Phonetic.app 3.1

{1990 KB} Download imqHmw 2.4.1 CHV Morphing FX 2.2.3 Featured on 10.11.6

{2875 KB} App KOF2 CHV MORPHING FX V 2.4.1 2.2.2 Updated on OS X

{2285 KB} MO68S CHV MORPHING FX VER 2.3.1 2.2.4 for MacBook

{2212 KB} Free EDHX CHV MORPHING FX VERS.3.2.1 2.2.3 to 10.13.4

{2580 KB} Free 4Eq vers.2.4.1 CHV Morphing FX 4.2.1 New to iMac Pro

{2851 KB} Update CHV Morphing FX ver. 2.3.1 omzZN 2.2.2 Mac Pro
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