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nessMediaCenter enables you to use your Mac as your primary media center. It is the suitable replacement for Apple's Front Row with latest Mac technology:
- Easy to use with a clean look and feel
- Direct access to movie / picture folder and volumes
- Support of Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes and Photos App media including DRM (AppStore movies and TV shows)
- Access to DLNA / UPnP media server and its media (pictures and videos)
- Comfortable selection of DVDs, EyeTV movies, PDF documents, pictures and videos in all common formats
- Controllable by Apple remote control, "NV Remote II" app on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, trackpad, magic mouse or keyboard

The media center offers the following functionality:
- Choice of background color, selection color and font color / size
- Activation / deactivation of content
- Ad hoc construction of playlists with pictures, movies, media shows, PDF documents
- Presentation of this playlist or single media
- iTunes control to switch playlists / tracks or start / stop playback (including informations of the current track)
- Mark of unplayed movies which are stored in iTunes (if iTunes is started).
- Automatic dimming of the screen after five minutes
- Optional automatic display of the media center at application start
- Optional EyeTV activation or computer shutdown by selection of exit

During a presentation several functions are available:
- Increase of playback speed (up to 64x)
- Endless playback
- Sorting by name, path or random
- Fullscreen switch (e.g. for different presentations on 2 displays)
- Aspect ratio (4:3; 16:9; 21:9)
- Zooming
- Language selection (track activation; if available)
- DVD: selection of the default language (including automatic selection of audio passthrough if available)

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FINESS Software UG

Best MacOS 3.1.7_Clear_VXXRqL.dmg (11938 kbytes) 1.4.7

Recomended 10.13.6 uZJm-v.1.10-Memories.zip (13224 kbytes) 3.8

Best! version kJ1.Apple.Attack.Pack.v.1.3.tar.gz (4669 kbytes) 2.0

Featured! version Meal.Planning.vers. (1843 kbytes) 3.8.0

Software 1.7.7 nessMediaCenter HFbE3 2.7.5 Best on 10.11

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