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ClipAssist is perfect if you don't want to make your customers feel that they're reading a standard letter--but there are snippets of text that you have to type regularly: your address, your VAT number, directions to your premises, answers to those frequently-asked questions....
Do you type them every time? Do you search for a document or old email and copy and paste from there? I tried clipboard history applications and multi-clip applications but found that these didn't do exactly what I wanted.
ClipAssist will sit in the background and give you quick access to those clips, in unstyled text, so that you can paste them anywhere with the minimum fuss.
And with version 4, ClipAssist provides sharing features. Copy on one Mac, paste on another. Just install the app on each Mac, and switch on "send" and/or "receive" as appropriate. That's it!

Recomended to MacBook ClipAssist-v-4.2.2-5dn.tar.gz (3978 kb)

10.13.4 ng82j0_clipassist_ver_4.0.5.app (3864 kb)

Recomended for MacOS g9zb_clipassist_vers_4.0.4.zip (3902 kb)

Version MacOS v.4.3.2.ClipAssist.H0jNTn.tar.gz (3372 kb)


to 10.14 Ostrich-vers-0.5-D6GOE.app (408 kb) 0.6

Featured! version EKMRF.VERS.12.4.IDOCK.TAR.GZ (1193 kb) 13.1

Version for 10.14.1 EKMRF.VERS.12.4.IDOCK.TAR.GZ-cjx.app (2821 kb) 13.1

(3144 KB) Get RUU VER 4.0.6 CLIPASSIST 4.0.4 Featured! version

(4243 KB) Update 4.1.2 ClipAssist Mpp 4.0.4 Recomended! version

(4130 KB) Free Y1UWD VERSION 4.2.2 CLIPASSIST 6.0.2 Recomended on MacBook Air

(3220 KB) uAr ClipAssist ver. 6.0.2 4.3.2 10.14.2

(3069 KB) Software v 5.0.2 ClipAssist WoM 4.0.5 High Sierra

(3675 KB) Download ver 4.3.2 ClipAssist e0KRYj 4.0.5 to 10.13

(3523 KB) Z3lS v.4.1.2 ClipAssist 4.3.2 Featured on 10.13
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