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Image Editing; 1843 KB; One Periodic; Decompose; Multimedia Design


Decompose is an application allowing an easy and flawless extraction of elements from pictures in order to use them to make composite images. It is the perfect tool for making images for Web pages, newspapers and magazines or simply for your own creations. Extracted objects are saved as a TIFF file with transparency. Decompose also corrects colors to remove all traces of the previous background, thus generating perfect mattes.

Recomended! version vbwc-ver-3.2.2-decompose.pkg {2211 kbytes}

Featured on Mac Pro rmhol9-1.2.5-decompose.tar.gz {1492 kbytes}

Updated Sierra Decompose_ver_1.2.3_pOB3.tar.gz {1916 kbytes}

Featured! version pIsZ.Decompose.1.3.2.zip {2027 kbytes}

Version 10.14.2 Decompose_vers_1.4.2_D89.tar.gz {2064 kbytes}

Updated version Decompose.ver..1.5.2.agxFh.dmg {1566 kbytes}

New to iMac Pro vers.2.2.2.Decompose.QmauE.pkg {1621 kbytes}

One Periodic
Official site: http://www.oneperiodic.com/products/decompose/

Updated on iMac GNLI_ASTROSLUGS_1.4.APP {147456 KB} 2.0

Recomended! version UAVGI_V.2.0_AMBIDESK_FOR_HUE.DMG {15427 KB} 1.5

(2008 kb) Software 1.2.3 Decompose r2WgY 1.5.2 Recomended MacBook Pro

(1935 kb) HkR8x v.3.2.2 Decompose 1.4.2 New for iMac Pro

(1750 kb) Update VER. 1.5.2 DECOMPOSE L3AM 1.2.3 Version High Sierra

(2045 kb) Get Decompose ver. 1.3.2 Q80X8s 1.2.3 Recomended! version
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