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Installing seem like it’s all done. But my Nvidia Graphic Card is not working. maojinbing Posted 01/03/2019 badruzeus Posted 11/09/2018 A bootloader will then also be installed, and this means getting Hackintosh working much faster. With these simple steps, you can install the Clover Bootloader on Windows and Linux without using the installer on macOS. However, you can only boot it in UEFI mode, if you want to install Clover Legacy, use the Clover Legacy Installer. Type i on your keyboard to enter insert mode

Recomended 10.13.6 https://macpkg.icu/?id=61090&kw=CmCT- [4816 kb]

New! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=61090&kw=UIGMZ-CLOVER-CONFIGURATOR- [5906 kb]

Using Clover Configurator Mount the EFI of the Disk you just installed Mac OS on Step 3: Edit Your Config File with Clover Configuration You can either copy everything over to your backup drive's EFI partition (after being absolutely certain your updated setup works properly, of course), and/or create a ZIP file of the EFI folder for safe-keeping. I usually do both, as I like to keep a collection of archives with previously working or work-in-progress Clover configurations. I don't actually have to keep all these versions, but they're not in the way and might help me later on if I, for example, want to continue a previously attempted configuration. Hey! You better think it's great or I will make you update all the themes!! Haha! Created a Mojave Bootloader on a USB Flash Drive 4.) Section “CPU” Launch EFI command shell from GUI Note that Clover Configurator does not list all possible Kexts, so if you are relying on other Kexts Configurator isn't familiar with, be sure to check their respective Github/Bitbucket repos if any newer version is available.

| 5389 KB | Download VVNISB CLOVER CONFIGURATOR VERS Best Mac mini

| 6250 KB | Software CLOVER CONFIGURATOR WXQUYJ Recomended OS X

| 5676 KB | Cdx7LU Clover Configurator vers. Updated High Sierra

| 5504 KB | Free 2XB5 vers Clover Configurator Recomended! version

| 4931 KB | WmA5A Clover Configurator Version for Sierra

| 4701 KB | DScY1x Clover Configurator Updated 10.14.2

| 5619 KB | Update BtK0 Clover Configurator vers. Featured! version

Mojave uvGL8n_ver._14.08_MacStitch.zip 14.16

Recomended High Sierra v.6.1.5.FontLab.g8b6vV.tar.gz 6.1.1

Featured on 10.12.6 vers.58.0.3135.47-Opera-77HyD.app 57.0.3098.91
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