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With Perfect Browse you can get to your photos faster than ever and wherever they're stored - whether on your computer, network, or on a cloud-based storage service. Find the exact photo you want by previewing them side-by-side and navigating through them with intuitive keyboard shortcuts.

- Fast Preview Mode: Our Fast Preview mode loads even the biggest Raw files in a flash. Go through a shoot and quickly get to the photos you want, without having to wait for previews to generate. Lightning fast previews of all your files. You can start to view and work on your photos right away.
- Ratings, Labels and Likes: You can now rate, label and "like" images. Ratings and labels are stored in the metadata.
- Rotate images in Browse.
- Metadata Pane: The metadata pane allows you to view and edit EXIF and IPTC metadata.
- Filter Pane: The filter pane allows you to filter (search inside) the contents of a folder.
- Batch Rename: Rename multiple files or folders all at once.
- Sources Pane: Sources and Folders panes have been merged together. This makes it easier to drag and drop across volumes.
- Favorites Pane: Favorites allow for shortcuts to places where you keep your photos.

New! version DoMru_Perfect_Browse_version_9.7.0.dmg (34944 kb)

Featured 10.12.6 HyvS_vers_9.5.1_Perfect_Browse.dmg (34278 kb)

onOne Software

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on Mac mini DreamShot_vers.3.0.6_9TYjY.dmg [8583 KB] 3.0.3

High Sierra 6CA8D.V.3.4.NOTE-A-LATOR.DMG [155443 KB] 3.2

iMac VER.-3.6.5-SPOTIFREE-LZ9O7H.TAR.GZ [1785 KB] 2.6.5

Updated version VERS-5.3.5-PRO-PAINT-KS8GGO.PKG [20643 KB] 3.3.8

Featured MacBook Pro gdCfSW-ver-1.6.2-Pastebot-Sync.app [2821 KB] 1.5.2

Featured Mac HLs_web2py_2.9.7.zip [31682 KB] 2.11.5

| 38272 kbytes | Free 9.6.0 Perfect Browse yPl8t 9.7.0 Best MacOS

| 39603 kbytes | PERFECT BROWSE V.9.5.4 Y6ABYZ 9.5.2 Mac
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