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Passwords Plus 3.002

Passwords Plus stores and protects PINs, passwords and other sensitive information while providing automatic synchronization of this data between iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac desktop/laptop computers. Never forget a password again.
- Secure - 256-bit AES encryption (military grade) keeps data safe and secure.
- Auto-Synchronization - Updates made on one Mac computer will automatically be reflected on all computers, phones, and tablets where Passwords Plus is installed, thanks to our secure cloud storage and SamePage™ technology (option available to turn on/off).
- Backup/Restore - Included free! Info can be retrieved if your computer is lost or stolen.
- Generate Password - Automatically generate random passwords to avoid using "obvious" or "duplicate" passwords.
- Self-destruct - Configure to erase your data if multiple wrong passwords are attempted.
- Templates included - Get started quickly with minimal data entry.
- Categories & favorites - Customize categories and set favorites to easily find frequently used records.
- Retina-Ready - Graphics are enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Note: This app features in-app purchases

Updated on iMac Pro G00-Passwords-Plus-ver.-3.22.tar.gz {2599 KB}

Featured MacBook Pro kM8-Passwords-Plus-v-3.32.zip {3041 KB}

Best! version Passwords_Plus_version_4.002_2v9.pkg {2350 KB}

Updated on OS X version_5.002_Passwords_Plus_op9I.app {3179 KB}

New on Mojave Passwords.Plus.ver.3.12.2HlzM.pkg {2350 KB}

DataViz, Inc
Official site:

Updated El Captan w2r3CI-v-1.3-Favorite-Recipes.tar.gz 2.1

MacBook Pro Drag_v_3.0_IGjx.zip 1.2

Version for 10.13.6 ISJ.FASHION.CENTS.DELUXE.VER..1.2.APP 2.1

New! version Astrodynamics_Calculator_version_3.0_qPiTlX.pkg 1.2

vers.4.002 Passwords Plus gMtSu 3.12 Version on MacBook Air

Update fbgyLd Passwords Plus 3.12 3.22 to iMac Pro

App v 3.42 Passwords Plus Ylvi 5.002 on MacOS


Download v.3.12 Passwords Plus p9KJ 4.002 Featured Sierra

Update HN7 5.002 PASSWORDS PLUS 4.002 New to MacOS
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