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version 2.1 mcdwiff

McDwiff is a Mac OS X application that opens, views, converts, and prints DWF and DWFx files (not DWG or DXF files! For those, use AutoCAD for Mac.)
McDwiff connects to Autodesk's online DWF translator, so accuracy is always 100%. Of course this means your DWF is being uploaded to Autodesk servers, so don't use McDwiff unless you're OK with that. It's all private and stuff, but you never know.
Open any DWF (2D or 3D) on your Mac, just like any other file type. 3D files open, but 3D rotation is still "in the oven", so to speak.
Fast zooming and panning - McDwiff uses predictive image processing, supports multipage DWF files, lets you print DWFs, and can export DWF to TIF, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, or PDF.

Version 10.11.5 4XG_ver_2.2_McDwiff.dmg (446 kbytes)

New on OS X V1e_v.3.1_McDwiff.app (483 kbytes)

Featured! version ZoIOEd.4.1.McDwiff.zip (405 kbytes)

Updated OS X oYx-McDwiff-ver.-2.4.dmg (446 kbytes)

Updated for Mac Pro N4IFw_McDwiff_2.3.dmg (401 kbytes)

Featured on 10.14.3 McDwiff.v.2.5.PZTL.app (446 kbytes)

Austin Silver Software

Featured to MacOS ZRE88.V.1.3.PHOTOSHOP.CS5.RETOUCHING.&.IMAGE.ADJUSTMENT.DMG (620236 kbytes) 3.0

Version on Sierra VERS_2.3_WI-FI_CRACK_QCP.TAR.GZ (394 kbytes) 4.1

[467 kbytes] Get HXL V 2.3 MCDWIFF 2.5 Updated version

[451 kbytes] 8BGYH VER. 2.3 MCDWIFF 3.1 Best! version

[352 kbytes] Software VERSION 4.1 MCDWIFF IKKEEZ 2.3 Sierra

[475 kbytes] Download MCDWIFF VERS 3.1 MT3M 4.1 on Mac Pro
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