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Resizor 1.0.3

Resizor is a Developer tool that allows for images to be resized, up or down, so that you can use one image to generate sets of Icons and Launch images for both Macintosh and iOS.
Drag your source image onto the application image well, Specify the images sizes you want, edit the desired image size information, click the save button for iOS or Mac Icon or Launch Image. Select the folder to save your images into and save. These images can be used as image assets in your Xcode projects.

- Drag and drop your application image into the image well
- Use the built in default icon sizes or delete and add your own (icon image sizes are saved between program restarts)
- Clicking "Save Icons" will generate a set of icons at the sizes you have specified
- Clicking "Save Images.xcassets" will generate a set of icons at the sizes you have specified which can be imported into xcode images.xcassets
- Can generate Mac icons at defined sizes and an associated Images.xcassets file
- Can generate iOS launch images at defined sizes and an associated Images.xcassets file

MacBook Air CdHBYO_Resizor_v.1.0.6.dmg

10.14.2 YKW.VERS.1.3.3.RESIZOR.DMG

on 10.13.6 4dXjvP.Resizor.ver..1.0.4.app

New 10.11 resizor-ver-1.0.5-ktj.tar.gz

Featured! version u2mm_v_1.0.7_Resizor.pkg

David G. Wilson

Mojave nj62fk_Visifire_6.1.7.app (4270 kbytes) 5.1.11

Updated for 10.13.6 App.Snap.1.4.3.NpF0.tar.gz (22016 kbytes) 1.2.3

for MacOS v_2.5_BugHub_3emr.app (5427 kbytes) 2.4

Recomended on 10.14.1 WKW-MACDROPANY-VER-3.0.5.PKG (3268 kbytes) 3.3.2

| 860 KB | App 1.1.3 Resizor JsdkV 2.0.3 Updated version

| 829 KB | Download 1fsU v 1.0.6 Resizor 3.0.3 Best Sierra

| 983 KB | Update RESIZOR VERSION 1.0.7 XZXB 1.1.3 to iMac Pro
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