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◑ 1.1-JimmyStream.zip

JimmyStream can help you broadcast live audio over the Internet, quite easily creating your own Internet radio station.

- Turn your Mac into a live broadcast server or Internet jukebox, and stream your MP3s anywhere in the world
- Turn your Mac into an Internet radio source client, streaming your MP3s to any Icecast server, including to free radio-hosting services such as Caster.FM
- Supports on-the-fly re-encoding at 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, and 128
- Built-in server is powered by Icecast 2.4.2
- Manage your playlist by drag-and-drop
- Built-in radio/audio monitor in real-time
- Very low CPU usage

Recomended on MacOS JimmyStream.ver.1.5.iyAxKH.tar.gz

Version for iMac 4e8mfu_jimmystream_version_1.4.tar.gz

Updated MacOS txo61_jimmystream_vers_2.1.app

Recomended MacBook Air No32_JimmyStream_version_1.2.zip


Software key JimmyStream

Featured! version UMSATZ_MIKRO_2015_VERS_7.3.1_B9GUV.PKG [16506 kb] 5.6.1

OS X BNw.3.0.2.Paprika.Recipe.Manager.tar.gz [17428 kb] 3.3.7

Update zZfiB vers 2.1 JimmyStream 1.2 New Mojave

Get tELFe7 ver 1.2 JimmyStream 3.1 Best El Captan

Download JIMMYSTREAM V 1.5 SFMJ 1.4 Updated version

Update QG72x8 ver. 1.3 JimmyStream 3.1 Updated on OS X

Download eatJkU ver 1.2 JimmyStream 1.4 Recomended! version
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