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PassagePlus is a passage planning, navigation and ship tracking application aimed at the leisure sailing market. It is intended primarily for the day/weekend coastal sailor, but will also be of interest to the ship-spotting enthusiast thanks to its extensive AIS capabilities. It works with the UK Hydrographic Office's ARCS charts, Land Information New Zealand's NZMariner charts and the Australian Hydrographic Service's Seafarer RNC charts.
It has an uncluttered interface usable on a small laptop like a MacBook Air and a feature set restricted to those things that might be used frequently by this kind of user.

Best! version lMoP_v.1.12.5_PassagePlus.app {5118 kbytes}

Best! version PASSAGEPLUS_VERSION_2.11.5_2IBTOW.ZIP {4064 kbytes}

Wind Vector Ltd
Site: http://www.windvector.com/passageplus/home.html

Featured to OS X HAMMERSPOON.0.9.74.OTN9S.PKG [8499 kb] 0.9.69

High Sierra CheatSheet.version.1.2.7.Oj97xD.app [2599 kb] 1.3.4

Featured 10.13.6 WHD_ETHERNET_STATUS_VER_4.5.APP [983 kb] 5.2

Version on iMac fNKz.ver.4.2.6.Malody.dmg [50566 kb] 4.1.5

New for Mac mini NO8HXF_EGG_FARM_VERS_3.3.0F4.APP [19077 kb] 3.2.0f4

[5569 KB] Free PassagePlus v.1.13.5 3nIz 1.14.5 Recomended! version

[5770 KB] Get VER. 2.11.5 PASSAGEPLUS HSX 1.13.5 Best on El Captan

[4967 KB] Download LiK1Pu ver 1.11.9 PassagePlus 1.14.5 for OS X

[5168 KB] Update 91y PassagePlus 1.13.5 1.11.6 Best to Mac

[4365 KB] Update PassagePlus v 1.11.7 C1WAvp 1.12.5 New Mac
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