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Title: GOG Galaxy

vers GOG Galaxy

^ Master of Orion updated + Reclaim your Master of Orion 1, 2, and 3 retail copies on (23 April 2016)
Game overlay (soon)
Better performance
Ключевые особенности (установка, обновление, отслеживание времени, проведённого в игре) будут доступны для всех игр. Внутриигровые и социальные возможности могут быть недоступны, поэтому на странице каждой игры вы найдёте полный перечень поддерживаемых возможностей.
Уведомления на рабочем столе
The main panel on GOG Galaxy’s interface displays one of two things: the GOG game store and your library of games. By default, the games in your library are displayed as a grid on a wood style counter and they’re sorted by purchase date. If you don’t like this default arrangement, you can switch from grid to list view, you can switch from wood to another display style, and you can sort your games by title, newest, oldest, or tags. Alongside this main panel there’s a sidebar to the left that lists all your installed games. The list can be sorted by activity or name and you can enable one of two view modes: compact and expanded.

Official site:

Mac mini https://macpkg.icu/?id=54428&kw=GOG-Galaxy-vers. [251066 kb]

to High Sierra https://macpkg.icu/?id=54428&kw=V.1.2.49.GOG.GALAXY.S1S.ZIP [362988 kb]

New! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=54428&kw=version. [314589 kb]

Key for repack

Before start the removal steps, we highly suggest you backup your important files and OS X system firstly in order to avoid any miss deleting or unexpected problems. There is a built-in backup tool called Time Machine of Mac OS X system which will help you save copies of all your files, applications, and system files automatically. If you run out of disk space, Time Machine will also erase the oldest version of the files to release more space for the new ones. ^ “Games Catalogue”. 5 11:17:41 Danielles-MBP Installer[74228]: disk 0.04 seconds Don’t like achievements or chat? Just as the Client is optional, so are its features. Turn off the ones you don’t care about, leaving only what’s important to you. You're not DRMing Pause and resume Critical Flaws by Christopher Montgomery on Sunday November 26th 2017, 23:48

HrwCT vers GOG Galaxy Recomended Sierra

Update GOG Galaxy ver. 1.2.23 BOg El Captan

App GOG Galaxy 1bzJ7P MacBook Pro

Free GOG Galaxy ver 1vF New High Sierra

Software 597 GOG Galaxy version 1.2.23 Updated version

Download vers GOG Galaxy IGIQ8F 1.2.14 Updated version

Download LHQH60 GOG GALAXY 1.2.51 New! version

Best OS X rBc_Cocktail_vers.11.0.dmg [3502 KB] 11.3

Recomended MacOS HEGI.REAPER.VERSION.5.92.0.APP [17331 KB] 5.962

Featured Mojave v.1.7.6.CinePlay.1iJB.pkg [7549 KB] 1.5.7
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