(6 best) Use your iPad as a second display for your Mac. where download for 10.12.4

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v.1.0.3 DisplayPad

DisplayPad is a cutting edge app that allows you to use your iPad as a second display for your Mac. You can extend your desktop with a wireless display that you can carry around with you! DisplayPad uses carefully tuned technology that makes it the smoothest and most responsive app of its kind. We have carefully crafted a dynamic and unique solution to make DisplayPad outperform its competitors.
- Tap your iPad to click.
- Two finger tap to right click.
- Two finger drag to scroll, just like on a laptop trackpad.
- Rotate the screen and DisplayPad automatically changes the mode of the display.
- Position the display anywhere relative to your desktop, just like an external display.
If you have any problems with DisplayPad, please contact us and we will be happy to help you out. We value customer feedback and we would appreciate any comments that you may have.
For support, please visit: http://cleancutcode.com/support For anything else, you can go to: http://cleancutcode.com/contact
In order to keep up with the latest developments of DisplayPad, you can follow us on Twitter @cleancutcode or you can check out our blog at http://blog.cleancutcode.com/

MacBook Pro displaypad-vers.1.1.3-0uyjqf.tar.gz (5322 kbytes)

Recomended! version 1.0.6_DisplayPad_dQcD0.app (4710 kbytes)

New! version DISPLAYPAD-V-1.3.3-8AC.APP (5369 kbytes)

Updated 10.12.6 ver._1.0.4_DisplayPad_JTZp4c.pkg (4003 kbytes)

Featured 10.14.2 ver..1.2.3.DisplayPad.3Ysa.dmg (4757 kbytes)

El Captan moxh.displaypad.vers.1.0.7.app (5416 kbytes)

Clean Cut Code

Key for repack DisplayPad

Version for High Sierra uMgvI.vers.2.2.0.Ostiarius.dmg (710 kb) 1.4.0

on Sierra 0ZSYB-VER-3.3.1-BIX.TAR.GZ (2770 kb) 1.5.1

iMac Pro 5.0.11-Musition-DMz9hN.zip (103219 kb) 5.0.13

[4097 kbytes] Update VERS 2.0.3 DISPLAYPAD XOOU0W 1.1.3 Recomended MacBook Air

[4804 kbytes] App eMNac1 DisplayPad ver. 1.3.3 1.0.4 New 10.11.4

[4333 kbytes] Download H5PQ DISPLAYPAD V 1.0.4 2.0.3 Recomended for 10.12.4

[4191 kbytes] Update HEIRDG DISPLAYPAD 3.0.3 1.0.7 Best MacBook Pro

[4898 kbytes] Free DISPLAYPAD 1.2.3 EYX 1.3.3 El Captan

[4757 kbytes] DisplayPad v.1.0.6 2Gf 3.0.3 Recomended Mojave
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